A Developer's Journey from Code to Entrepreneurship

Hello World

A Developer's Journey From Code to Entrepreneurship


🗓 November 12th, 2023.

Hello, world! 👋

There's no telling how many times the phrase "Hello, world!" has been written by developers in the last 30 years.

It's like a developer’s go-to greeting whenever they start a new project, learn a new language, or test out a new feature.

But today, "Hello, world!" has a whole new meaning for me as I embark on this new journey.

Creating software is my true passion. There’s something truly special about building something from scratch, transforming a concept ideated in someone’s brain into a useful product.

Besides software development, there’s one other passion I’ve always had: entrepreneurship.

In my opinion, building a business is much like developing software. One needs to find a problem to solve, ideate the concept, develop it, and "debug it" when something doesn’t go the way it was originally planned, be it low sales, ineffective marketing campaigns, what have you.

If you're in the tech industry or part of the indie maker community, you've probably heard the phrase 'building in public.' Basically, it's all about openly sharing the progress and behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating software and, hopefully, building a business around it.

It can bring transparency, collaboration, and accountability to a project, and also help build a community around it. Building in public means being open and honest about everything that goes on while creating a product.

Today I take the first of a thousand steps. I’m creating this site to share my adventure of building a software product in the open, and hopefully, maybe, if I am lucky and play my cards right, have the opportunity to build a business around it.

I am a solo developer, so I will be forced to wear many hats. I’ll be the thinker, the architect, the designer, the developer, the tester, the infrastructure guy, the marketer, the salesperson, the community champion, and who knows what else.

I know some things; this is not my first rodeo, but I acknowledge that probably I know about 10% of everything that there is to know if one is to have a small chance of succeeding.

In other words, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot, and in turn, I’ll share it with the community too.

Exciting times lie ahead.

So, 'Hello, world!' then. I’m here, ready to give it my all for that slim chance of success.

I know it’s hard, the odds are against me, but in a bizarre way, it makes the journey all the more exciting.

See you in the trenches.