Why did I create

Hi there, my name is Marcelo, and I am a Software Developer

Software Development is my true passion. I frankly love spending time in front of the computer, doing what I enjoy the most; programming. I am confident you are like me in this regard.

A dream and a realization

I've forever dreamed of coming up with a killer app that would be used and appreciated by thousands of users, be valuable, and hopefully alter people's lives for the better.

This is the romantic vision of most entrepreneurs, I suppose. Some are in it for the money, and rightfully so. Others embark on the adventure to honestly try to change the world.

Throughout the years of my Software Development career, I learned one thing. I can be more productive, a better coworker, a better employee, perform better, and live a happier life when I don't have to commute 10 hours a week.

Instead of having a 10 or 11-hour workday, I can have an 8 or 9-hour work-from-home day and be equally or even more productive than if I am working on-site from the office.

I've also learned that working from home, or another city, or even from the beach, is not only possible but a win-win situation. Developers love it, and companies are rewarded with more productive and satisfied employees.

Of course, this is not only my realization. Hundreds of thousands of others have also discovered this, and not only people but companies too.

Some companies are getting their feet wet on remote working. Some others are keen to embrace it, and then a few go all in, genuinely remote enterprises with a global workforce.

The "work-from-wherever" revolution has begun.

Software Development: the perfect career for remote working

While many kinds of jobs can be performed remotely with excellence, I truly believe that developing software is one that fits this new paradigm perfectly.

We have tools, methodologies, and procedures that make developing software remotely an effortless endeavor. Any Software Developer can be a Remote Software Developer with the right mentality, determination, and will.

But of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds, and landing a remote software development gig is not an exception.

Advantages, problems, and solutions

As developers, we are infrequently short of great new opportunities.

Recruiters try and reach us with the expectation of convincing us to take on a new role at a new company. Ex-colleagues make their best effort to convince us to come work with them. Other companies simply contact us out of the blue thru professional networks, such as LinkedIn.

When we don't need a job, the opportunities and offers flow. Thankfully, this is also true when we need one.

But while there are vacancies for hundreds of thousands of software development jobs out there, most are on-site, not remote.

When it comes to finding a remote software development job, things are just a bit different.

Many developers desire to work remotely, so these jobs are sought after. The competition is stiff.

The process is also time-consuming. In my opinion, there are no outstanding options to solve the problem of finding the perfect remote candidate, remote company fit.

I want us, Software Developers, to be able to find great remote software development jobs in an easy, enjoyable, and efficient way.

I would also like companies to be able to find the best candidate possible, the perfect fit. A win-win situation for both parties.

So, I'd like to have the opportunity to do the best I can to try changing that.

My goal

My goal with is straightforward.

For developers, I want us to be able to find a remote job that is just the right fit, with an excellent salary and conditions, while we work with the technologies we love.

I also want this process to be enjoyable, relaxed, and most of all, efficient.

For companies looking for new talent, I want them to be able to find their perfect fit.

I also want this to be an efficient process so they can receive the right amount and quality candidates to consider.

Like other Software Developers, I've been on both sides of the process. As a candidate looking for a remote software development job and a Lead Software Developer trying to acquire talent for the companies I've worked for.

While there are other alternatives out there, I hope to come up with the correct recipe for success for Software Developers and companies alike.

My goal is not to have all the jobs available in the world listed on the site.

I just want a hand-picked selection with great jobs. In my opinion, great jobs are remote, well-paid, exciting, with nice perks that offer career development and are offered by outstanding companies.

I have a polished roadmap and have already thought of a few key differentiators. Now execution is vital. I am a one-person shop, so these features will come slowly but surely.

In the meantime, I hope you find helpful and join me in the adventure.

Keep on cracking some code!

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